Well that was a blast. Of all the Edfest years I’ve done this was very enjoyable. And so good to see so many of the best Cabaret people working the new brochure section.

Dusty Limits and I had a very good run with Postmortem and got nominated for the TO&ST Award. Only to be pipped by the fabulous newcomer Lady Rizo. Deservedly.

Ben Walters wrote this for TimeOut:

‘Post Mortem’, playing the Free Fringe, is the strongest hour I’ve seen from Dusty Limits in some time. Structured around the simple but effective theme of reaching 40 and getting morbid, the show sees the pioneering cabaret performer deploy his consummate wit and assured audience rapport in the service of a terrific set that combines strong original songs (written with ace accompanist Michael Roulston) with gorgeous covers. ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘Glory Box’ are stand-outs, though ‘Sinnerman’ is perhaps shortchanged. Dusty Limits makes it look easy. It isn’t.

TimeOut Review

And the Scotsman gave us this:


Elegant and elegiac, but not short on laughs, Post Mortem takes a lyrical look at ageing – Dusty is 40, now – and expiring. Obsessed with obituaries, he is wondering what his legacy will be when he departs this Earth. That’s easy: a lifetime of heartbreakingly beautiful singing, a legion of swooning fans (male, female, and everything in between), and recognition as one of the foremost practitioners of the art of cabaret.

Despite performing against the din of an intrusive air conditioning system, Dusty holds us in thrall as he talks about the inevitable conversation every single gay man has with his single female friends, launching into the 
self-penned Think of the Kids, which explains why, even though “our DNA should be in the V&A” he won’t be donating sperm.

The gay agenda is very much in evidence – that’s not a complaint – and he’s vitriolic on the subject of Catholic cardinals, explaining that recent remarks about equal marriage inspired him to write an equally childish and offensive song. It’s even funnier for being delivered in Cockney music hall style.

Another highlight is his wicked reading of Mr Greedy, reworked to take on the coalition government and bankers.

Not only is Dusty a feast for the eyes, capering in his cutaway tails, but, as ever, he is a delight for the ears. His vocal range is admirable, and his musical choices – including the “contractually obligated by the laws of cabaret” Weimar-era song – are inspired, including Sondheim, Yazoo, Joni Mitchell and David Bowie. If only the show was twice as long, and lasted the run of the Fringe. Do. Not. Miss. This.

Lee Randall

Love that last line. One of the best possible quotes to lift.

Here’s a satirical song Dusty and I wrote for Postmortem: Please Mr. Cardinal

The Cabaret Whore – Her finest Hour show was another triumph in our fourth year of Edfest productions, gaining a new batch of 4 & 5 star reviews. Well done Sarah and big thanks to James and the team at Seabright Productions for the hard work.

Now we’re going to take a break from this to persue new projects… exciting.

Sarah-Louise and I have a penchant for writing saucy numbers and working with Ophelia Bitz and Paul Hanson on the Artw*nk show gave us that opportunity. So we made three numbers which you can hear and download here: 

My other big event was the Piaf show with Christine Bovill. I’ll start a new post for that…